Welcome to my little place on the web. I'm really glad you stopped by! 
This is my own personal little space on the web where I can
share my passions and my life.

I created this blog back in the earlier part of 2014 after
rejoining the blogging world. I used to have another blog
called New To A View. However, I decided to start fresh.
I have several passions in life, but one of my biggest is animal rescue.
I am ANTI-BSL and am a pitbull advocator. I have been involved
with several rescue organizations & have been a proud board member
for the past 2 years. My favorite slogan is "adopt. don't shop"
and I am a proud furmom to my own pibble girl named Gabby.

On a more personal note: I'm a southern raised girl taught manners
and respect. I'm currently in school for software programming. I have 
the oddest addiction to historical romance novels set in Scotland. I 
enjoy cooking (& feeding people), aquariums, shows about the
paranormal or anything ghost related, very family oriented, 
I want to travel the world someday and of course continue blogging.

I love reading, obsessed with Netflix, total movie buff,
addicted to historical romance novels,
full time college student, enjoys painting & makeup,  
oldies and 90s alternative music, am an online gamer,
active in dog rescue organizations, anti-BSL, raised in the South,
loves the outdoors: camping, hiking, fishing ♥ ツ

All opinions are 100% my own. I am not paid nor given free products for review unless specifically stated in the post.