E.L.F. Disney's Snow White Beauty Book - Review & Swatches

5:31 PM

I am so depressed that I missed E.L.F.'s Little Mermaid Beauty Book! I might break down & buy one off eBay if the price isn't too ridiculous but I'm not hopeful. However, I did manage to snag this Snow White edition from drugstore.com. I know in previous years there have been other Disney related products, but I think these are the most beautiful (package wise) they've came out with yet!
I have already seen a few reviews and have heard some pretty negative stuff about the product itself (of course awesome packaging) but I heard the eyeshadows were horrible, etc.
I apologize for the crappy photo - I was having lightening problems

After opening it up, I wanted to dig in myself and swatch stuff. The first 4 colors are more shimmery (which I'm partial to) and the last 3 are more matte. I did notice the last 3 colors had greater pigment and showed up with less building than the others. The blush is nicely pigmented and is a lovely coral-peach color. The lipgloss is nice and isn't a true red, and you have to build it up otherwise it might just look like your natural lip color especially for those with more reddish lips.
I found all of them to have a satin-cream type feel to the touch (when I used my fingers to swatch them) which was very nice. I didn't see really any fall out. The first color - I'm Wishing - was a bit harder and was the one with the most flakes & fall out. All 4 of these eyeshadows need to be built up to really show and I'm afraid that they will all probably seem washed out or blend together if you aren't careful. A primer is a must, or any other type of base. The blush seems almost too pigmented so be careful when applying to the cheeks.
Here are the rest of the swatches. Again, the last 3 colors are more pigmented and don't need as much building. I also enjoy the names like Enchanted Forest, Heigh-Ho and Yodel but I think they might have thought of a few better names (just my opinion). Over all I think this is an adorable little collection and for only $9.99 it's a great value. I actually only spent $6 on this because I had some drugstore.com dollars.

What do you all think of this book? I wish I could compare it to the Little Mermaid one and I'm excited to see if they come out with more Disney princesses!

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  1. This is really neat, I didn't know E.L.F. made such a thing. My daughter LOVES makeup & would love this. The price is right too. Thanks for the review :)

  2. What a nice little kit with everything you need! It really has some pretty colors too!

  3. Nice make-up. Thanks for the review.


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