Introducing my new puppy - Gabby aka "Gabs"

5:41 PM

I've had this adorable baby girl for 2 weeks now and decided to formally introduce her on my blog! If you follow me on twitter then you've already heard about her & see many photos of her. Her name is Gabby aka "Gabs". She is a red nose pitbull & is now officially 9 weeks old! Such a sweetheart and cuddly. I'm in love!

The picture below is from the first day I got her. She's the runt of the litter and you can definitely tell! She's so little and when I took her to the vet last weekend she weighed a whopping 2.5 lbs! So teeny! She will be an itty bitty pitty!
She's soo little that I just bought her a cat carrier for now until she gets big enough for the crate I previously purchased for my "future puppy". Being a girl who loves pink, I was thinking her colors would be pink, but I'm actually feeling purple more. A lot of her blankets are either zebra or purple leopard print (don't judge me!) But as far as toys, I highly recommend the Dollar Tree!
Inside I just have one of my towels folded several times (she's pampered and only sleeps on soft stuff, no hard bottom of a crate for her!) And I purchased several of these fleece type blankets - that's to cover her crate and to cuddle with her on the couch - from Walmart for $2.50/each. Total steal! They aren't super small either and can actually cover all of my 5'5" body!
Like I was saying before, Dollar Tree is your best friend! I bought this adorable pinkish-purple carrier, the ball, stuffed bone, piggy, cupcake, donut, a leash and cat collar (since she's small) all for $1 each! I know not all stores have a good pet section, but the one near my house has a huge selection of adorable stuff! So I would check that out if you have a pet, even a cat! Better to spend $1 versus like $6-$8 from petstores that your pet will just end up destroying!

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  1. We just got a puppy a few weeks ago and are enjoying him!


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