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Ever since I relaunched my blog as Meagan Says It All (originally New To A View) I haven't really posted anything personal. I decided to make a post and answer some questions that I've been asked from various online platforms since the beginning of my blog.

Although I am not too well known, I have connected with some fellow bloggers and have gotten to know them better. I believe it adds a sort of connection to what you are reading when you know a bit more about the person writing it. I want to change the dynamics of my blog in the future to incorporate more me and less of just product reviews and what not.

So here are some questions I've been asked and some other general information. I'd love to learn more about my readers. If you'd like, leave a comment answering one of these questions.

  • How long have you been blogging? I created my first blog when I was 14 using AOL Homepage (I believe that was the name?) It was a simple drag and drop system. From then on I have had various webpages over the years. I have been on blogger for about 4 years now. I switched over to using this site name since March 2014.
  • What type of camera do you use? Honestly, I just use my iphone 5 to take pictures. Sometimes I edit them on my phone via an app, other times I use the website to resize them to fit my blog.
  • What direction do you want to take your blog? Originally I wanted something mainly personal, kind of like an online diary. On New To A View, I posted about my life events. Now on this website thus far it's been more geared towards products and reviews. I have gotten more into beauty products and wanting to try new things. I love reading multiple opinions on a product (especially a high end one) before making a purchase myself. I was hoping my two cents could be beneficial to someone else making a decision. Now, however I want to go back to adding more of "me" into my posts.
  •  Do you buy the products you review with your own money? Finances are a little too personal, but I have no problem answering this question. Although I have a disclaimer in my sidebar, I do purchase products with my own money. I have a full time job and also go to school full time (I'm a busy bee!)
  • Who designs your layouts and graphics? When I started blogging I made everything myself. I started off in school for graphic design, however I switched over to software programming (which is what I'm currently studying) Now a days I still do some graphic design, but the coding for my layout is usually purchased with credit somewhere on the blog. For my current layout, I purchased the coding from a very talented lady and tweaked it a bit (like coloring for bold, italics, links, etc) And the banner is usually always made by me.
There are the top 5 questions I'm asked the most. If you'd like to know anything else then feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer your question!

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