Halloween Movie-a-thon #movielist

12:08 PM

Yay! It's October! With October brings one of my favorite seasons - fall - and one of my favorite holidays - Halloween. Every year I have a tradition of watching as many scary or Halloween themed movies I can get squeeze into watching. I usually have people asking me for ideas and I've also done my own search of the perfect movie list. So this year I decided to create a blog post with my own personal favorites in movies and also in shows.

So grab some popcorn or make your favorite treats and get ready for some scary and fun movies!
  1. Carrie (original)
  2. Beetlejuice
  3. Corpse Bride
  4. Hocus Pocus
  5. Halloweentown
  6. Sleepy Hollow
  7. The Exorcist
  8. Little Monsters
  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  10. Nightmare Before Christmas
  11. Coraline
  12. Halloween (original)
  13. Halloween (remake)
  14. Casper
  15. Trick r Treat
  16. Edward Scissorhands
  17. Poltergeist
  18. Poltergeist II
  19. Jeepers Creepers
  20. Jeepers Creepers 2
  21. Stephen King's Silver Bullet
  22. Lost Boys
  23. Pumpkinhead
  24. Witches of Eastwick
  25. The Shinning
  26. Fright Night (original)
  27. American Horror Story (tv series)
  28. John Carpenter's Vampires
  29. Child's Play (1-4)
  30. Curse of Chucky (2013)
  31. The Conjuring
  32. Stephen King's It
  33. Stephen King's Pet Sematary
  34. Nightmare on Elm Street 
  35. The Boogeyman
  36. Children of the Corn
  37. Julia's Eyes
  38. The Orphanage
  39. The Awakening
  40. Drag Me To Hell
  41. Insidious
  42. Insidious 2
  43. The Posession
  44. An American Haunting
  45. The Haunting
  46. Stephen King's Rose Red
  47. John Carpenter's The Ward
  48. Village of the Damned
  49. Scream (1-4)
  50. Psycho (original)
  51. The Ring
  52. The Silence of the Lambs
  53. Stephen King's Salem's Lot
  54. Dead Silence
  55. Gremlins
  56. Final Destination
  57. Dawn of the Dead
  58. Shaun of the Dead
  59. The Others
  60. The Burbs
  61. The Sixth Sense
  62. Ghost Busters (1 & 2)
  63. Let the Right One In
  64. The Omen
  65. The Amityville Horror
  66. Sinister
  67. SAW (any of the zillion ones)
  68. The Collector
  69. Monster House
  70. Paranorman
  71. Frankenweenie 
  72. Texas Chainsaw Masacre
I will update this list if I think of any more. Feel free to comment below with your favorite Halloween movie so I can add it to my list!

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  1. The only Halloween movie I ever watch is Hocus Pocus.

  2. I noticed that you didn't mention one of my favorites, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You gotta add that to the list. ;)

    1. ooooh yeah! It was hard for me to think of movies, there's just so many! I'll def add that one to my list

  3. Some of these movies scare me when I just read the title!

  4. I love scary movies too and you have some of my favorites on your list :
    . Village of the Damned
    . Carrie(original) -- I've seen the re-make with Julianne Moore and Carrie 2 but nothing beats the first one.
    . Halloween -- a classic

    I also enjoyed :
    . Rosemary's Baby
    . Orphan -- more a thriller than scary
    . The Bad Seed
    . 30 Days of Night

  5. What a killer list, I'm so down with 90%

  6. Wow, you really named most of my favorites! There is one movie I have been watching every Halloween since it first came out when I was in college, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love this movie so much, used to dress up when going to see it in the theatre :)


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