Beauty Labs Flat Iron #QuickReview

12:47 PM

I was at my new favorite store: TJ Maxx and came across the flat iron section. It's been a long time since I owned one (my dog as a puppy chewed through the cord & I just hadn't replaced it yet). So I stopped and checked out all the different brands - this is one I had never heard of: Beauty Labs. At $29.99, the price was very affordable so I picked it up. I decided to do a quick review on it.

I found the website, and although I couldn't find the average retail price, here is what it had to say about their Fashion Plates series of flat irons:

"Beauty Labs, one of the most trusted and reliable brands in beauty, introduces Fashion Plates. A version of our original high-performing Classic Flat Iron, this trendy collection adds an unexpected punch of attitude and sass to our specialized line of advanced haircare tools. Flaunting a new look, it boasts the same state-of-the-art solid ceramic plates and ionic technology that evenly distributes heat, offsetting dryness and damage to bring out the best in your hair. Variable temperature settings keep you in control, while an ergonomic grip lets you style comfortably. So, whether straightening or curling, the result is the look you’ve come to expect—sleek, healthy, runway-ready hair backed by science, inspired by art."
It has customizable temperature settings that rang from 140 degrees F to 450 degrees F and my favorite part is the ceramic plates. I feel they do better than any other kind. Thus far I am really happy with this purchase. It works just as well as any of the flat irons I have owned before (and I've owned some pretty expensive ones). According to their website they have a range of curling wands that I want to try. I own a Nume wand, and I want to see if it's comparable in quality.

If you want an affordable flat iron and you are anywhere near a TJ Maxx (not sure where else they are sold - probably can find them online) then I'd definitely recommend this product!

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  1. I'll need a new flat iron soon so I'll definitely check this one out. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Bought one on clearance for $20 at TJ Maxx and we love it because it gets hotter than most! It worked well for us. My daughter's hair is fine and natural.

  3. What a great hair styling tool!! I need to buy a flat iron for my sister. I will definitely go for this one. Its features are very amazing. The best part is that it’s very affordable too. Superb review! Thanks for sharing here!

  4. Yes I bought one at TJ Maxx also and really like it!!! Good product. My only concern is that my hair is fine and natural but I have to get it hot to curl my texture. At 450 I worry about it burning! Have used it at that high temp and so far haven't noticed it burning but I do smell it at times. Maybe a product to apply first would help. any suggestions? thanks Love the flat-iron, thou!

  5. Just bought one from Marshalls on sale for $16!!!! Haute Pink color. One pass and straight. Original price was $75. Amazon has them upwards of $115.97. Very good flat iron. No frizz or hair breakage. Heats up in under 30 secs. 450° max. Easily cleanable. Took it into Ulta asking a stylist to compare it to Chi and she said she owns one and likes it far better than any of the Chis. All reviews have been 5 star and positive.

  6. the trick to using this product is to comb it through a thin set of hair slowly from roots to tips. best hair straightener on the market

  7. I just my first Beauty Labs tourmaline ceramic curling iron from TJMaxx! I haven't tried it yet but happy to read positive reviews on brand. Thanks for the reviews!

  8. Perfect for silking long and large sections of hair, which cuts styling time in half. This Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener flat iron is easy to clean plates.


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