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I am always on Pinterest trying to find inspiration and ideas for my new home. I tend to work on one room of my house at a time. This month's project is my bedroom. Currently it's very plain with not much furniture. I have been on a quest to find the perfect headboard. I originally thought I wanted a tufted fabric one, however I decided to keep with the theme of the rest of my house. This meant I needed something rustic, but light grey-white in color. I came across one on Pinterest and traced it back to it's source - an instagram page for @houseof5five. Her headboard looked so amazing that I got someone to make one for me.

Here is the original from her instagram page, isn't it gorgeous!

So I sent this picture to my handy man and he created one for me using old wood from his barn. The same as he did for a previous project. He said the key to making it look that greyish color is two things: use vaseline to prep the wood, and to water down the paint a lot. How neat! I am currently on vacation, however he sent me some photos of the progress.

gathering the wood

put it all together

adding the paint

It is totally lovely and I am so very pleased! I'm looking forward to putting it in my bedroom. I'll need to go shopping for new bedding. There's so much work to be done in my bedroom still - paint the walls, put bed frame together, match comforter and decorative pillows, find the perfect nightstands (or build them), get lamps, etc etc. I'll be doing some haul posts along with more Pinterest inspired furniture - I think I want to do a large wall mirror with this same type of wood look. I'll post a blog once my bedroom is complete (or maybe do it in sections) so you can see how it turned out.

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  1. I love how that turned out! Great, rustic look!

  2. This turned out beautiful! It looks so easy too! Pinterest has the best ideas for DIY :)


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