Pinterest Inspired Shutter Decor

7:29 PM

I know I have been MIA lately, however I've been getting a lot done around my house! In a previous post I talked about how I am wanting to do some projects and share them with you. So I decided to put my top 3 major projects on here so you all can "ooh" and "ahh" over them like I did (hopefully). I am so very impressed with the first project and am looking forward to completing the rest!

I have been seeing a guy for a while now and I was talking to him about ideas for furniture pieces. I am constantly on Pinterest so I sent him a screen shot of this really adorable faux shutter. I've seen several of them, but since I wanted a lighter colored wood I fell in love with this one!

Isn't it lovely? The scheme of my home is a lot of whites and greys. I also like old rustic pieces mixed with crisp modern ones. All of my furniture is white so I thought this would be a good contrast. Well, to my surprise he texted me an hour later and said he had made something for me using his old barn wood.

How adorable! I haven't decided where to hang it yet, however I think I am going to basically copy the photo above and put a cute wreath in the center. Once I have it up and decorated  I will post more photos. So this was Project #1 that I wanted completed. I am going to turn this into a series. I will make a new post for my next project - which is going to be a headboard. Eeep! I'm so excited! Have you made anything from Pinterest?

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  1. Oh I just love it!! The distressed shutter look is so country chic!! I adore this look!! And it wasn't a pinterest fail!! Yay!! :)


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