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3:27 PM

It has taken me a while to post this review because with skin care and improvement products, you need at least a month to see if it's actually working. Well, it's been a month and 1/2 and I decided to finally post my thoughts on this brush that everyone is comparing to the Clarisonic.

I must start off by saying I've never used a Clarisonic before so I have no idea how it compares. When it comes to skin care I'll admit I've always been very lazy. The most I would do daily is use makeup remover wipes. If I was feeling especially froggy I would use face cleanser and apply with my hands. Well, after experimenting with some bad vitamins that made my face freak out, I decided to finally develop my own skin care routine. I wanted something better than just my hands and purchased this brush. There are so many places to purchase this item, but the cheapest I have found is on Brookstone website. There are several coupon codes online if you search for them. You should never spend more than $30 on this brush or you are getting ripped off!

What it comes with:
  • cleansing face brush
  • exfoliating facial brush
  • pumise stone
  • body brush
 I have tried every brush and I want to break it down on how each one worked. First let's start with the cleansing facial brush which is the one I used daily. Overall I have been blessed with really nice skin. It's pretty normal but can be more oily in the summer and dry in the winter. I rarely get hardcore breakouts however I do have a bit of red acne scarring on either sides of my nose that drive me crazy! After trying this brush out I did notice a reduction in my pore size as well as a reduction in the red coloring on my face. I was honestly impressed. Now, it's not a miracle brush that is going to magically erase any imperfections on your face, but I did notice it exfoliated nicely and helped my facial products work better. The brush was nice and soft and felt good on my skin. My only concern was the cleanser I used. It kept lathering up and the spin from the brush would fling the cleanser in my eyes. I had to squeeze my eyes shut. I tried a couple other cleansers and it did the same thing. I finally got the hang of it and made sure to not get the brush or my face too wet. So be sure to balance the ratio of cleanser to water whenever using this brush.

The exfoliating facial brush was a bust for me. It was too rough and I was not a fan. After attempting to use it a couple times I just set it aside and left it alone.

The pumice stone was one aspect of this I was super excited about. I had read some reviews and watched some videos on this product and the majority of people said this was excellent for your feet. I have rough heels and wanted to give this a go. Big thumbs down. It didn't seem to do a damn thing, pardon my french. I was so disappointed. I tried it dry, I tried it wet and I tried various combinations to get this brush to work. Yes my heel did feel a bit smoother but my skin still looked rough and dry. It appeared as if I didn't use anything on it at all. Honestly, the foot scrubbers from the dollar store worked better than this thing did. Thus far only 1 of the 4 brushes has worked for me.

Lastly the body brush which is basically a large version of the cleaning brush. It worked nicely. Again, it wasn't a miracle worker however it was an enjoyable way to exfoliate. I know some products are too rough or harsh on your skin and can actually hurt. This was a gentle buffing sensation and I did notice my skin was a tiny bit softer. I think the main goal of these brushes is to remove that layer of dead skin so the products you choose can work better.

Overall I think for roughly $30 it's not a bad rotating brush. I hate I can't compare it to the all famous Clarisonic that everyone and their mother raves about. I'm sure you can find comparative reviews online if you google  them. I must say it was sad that half of the brushes I all but threw away. But the improvement to my face would make even the 1 brush worth it! This has now become a part of my daily routine at night. I first use makeup remover wipes to remove the majority of my makeup, then I use a cleanser along with the brush. I finish with some moisturizer and I must say I am glad I decided to purchase this brush and I'm glad I decided to finally develop my own skin care routine.

Have you tried this brush before? Or do you have a Clarisonic? How does it work for you?

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  1. I was hoping to win one ,or get one as a gift.

  2. This looks great! I still haven't tried on of these yet, but I know my skin would love it!

  3. I have always wanted to try a skin cleansing gadget like this one as I believe it would really make a difference in the appearance of my facial skin.


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