April 2014 Glossybox (Quick Post)

4:05 PM

 I have been curious about this box for a while. I came across a coupon code that will give you a "free beauty blender" with your initial box so decided - why not give it a go? I'll admit I wasn't too impressed when I saw all the unboxing videos on YouTube. I basically thought if I get the beauty blender, that will be worth it alone & the other stuff will just be a bonus.

I will give them an A+ for packaging! Comes in this adorable, sturdy box with tissue paper and a bow. Immediately got me excited (then I realized I knew what was in there already). I peeked in to make sure that I did in fact receive the blender and I saw that it was a baby size! How cute! Although I wanted an original size, this one is adorable and I'm already in love!

Here is the world's smallest beauty blender (lol) in white which is a bonus for me because I'm obsessed with white at the moment. Isn't it adorable?! I think so. Below is a photo of everything I received in the box.
I only like 1 other thing in the box (to be honest). Oh and the shipping was SOOOO SLOW! Here it is May 10th and I literally just received my box today. After getting no response from customer service I decided to cancel. I heard a lot of other people had abnormally long waiting periods to get this box so decided mehh...I'll stick with my Ipsy for now.

(I'm also going to include a few of the unopened products - 3 - in one of the giveaways I'm doing this summer)

Inside was:
Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme - full size - $10 (I actually really liked this!)
Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink - full size - $24.50 YIKES! (Hated the color)
Caldrea Body Wash - deluxe sample - full size $18 (Didn't bother opening it)
Ciate London Paint Pot in Skinny Dip - full size - $15 (cute packaging, didn't like the color)
Lasplash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer/Base - full size - $9 (didn't bother opening it)

I didn't bother with 2 of the products because I knew I'd never use it so threw it into the ever growing box full of goodies for my summer giveaways. I tried the lip gloss and although it was really nice, I didn't like the color and I personally would never spend $24.50 on a lip gloss no matter the color. I actually really liked the lotion. I applied some on my legs and it felt nice and I shockingly loved the smell. It leaves a very faint floral/lavender smell which is nice. So all in all I would have cancelled even if the shipping wasn't horrid.

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