New Lighting Kit = Upcoming Videos?

11:05 AM

This is the only light I had in my room before - icicle lights all around my room (gives a lovely effect especially at night) however I quickly realized this would not be good enough to film any type of video.

 Voila! I purchased a cheap lighting kit, I'm not a professional here, from amazon - link to product: LimoStudio Umbrella Lighting Kit. I've played around with it a bit and already I'm in love! The next step is for me to buy an external microphone since my laptop's isn't the best.

Here are some more photos of me setting it up (which was super easy! I didn't even look at the directions) and of course me sitting on my bed checking out how it looked on camera.

I have so many ideas for videos and realized it'll take some extra equipment to start. I'm looking forward to eventually having my own Youtube channel where I can upload for my blog. Super excited!

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