COPPERTONE® CLEARLYSheer™ Sunscreen Review

5:58 PM

It's been a while since I was contacted through BzzAgent for any type of campaign. Well with summer fast approaching, this one makes total sense and I'm actually happy I can be a part of it!

Here is what the website has to say about it:

COPPERTONE® CLEARLYSheer sunscreens were designed with your skin in mind. Think about all the benefits:
  • Absorbs in seconds for a clean and light feel
  • Moisturizing formulas help leave your skin soft and smooth
  • Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts (clinically tested on acne-prone skin)
  • Matte finish is perfect for use under makeup
I agree 100% with the claims the product makes. It does absorb quickly into your skin, it does leave your skin feeling soft, it has never broken me out (or anyone I've known to use these products), and it actually has a pleasant odor - not too strong, but just the faintest hint that fades quickly. I know some people LOVE the smell of sunscreen while others hate it. I think it's perfect for both people. I've yet to try it under my makeup, however, and will be doing so in the near future!

Included in my kit was:
(1) 5 fl oz (full size) of Coppertone Clearly Sheer "For Sunny Days" SPF 30
(3) 1 fl oz (travel size) of Coppertone Clearly Sheer "For Sunny Days" SPF 30
(2) 1.6 fl oz (travel size) of Coppertone Continuous Spray SPF 50    <---my personal favorite!

I already knew I loved these products before even receiving them! Coppertone is an awesome brand and a bonus is they included a ton of $2 off coupons that I will be sharing with family/friends (most of them have kids and the SPF 50 spray is PERFECT for children!)

Disclosure: These products were received complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own and I am not sponsored nor paid for this review.

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  1. Era Light (Melissa George): wow the sunscreen review is excellent and it looks to be a must buy product. i have a sunscreen but i think its time to change as its of no effect on my skin. i was looking for a new brand to follow.


All opinions are 100% my own. I am not paid nor given free products for review unless specifically stated in the post.