Candy Club Subscription Review

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Have any of you heard about this subscription box before? I hadn't and don't even recall how I stumbled across it. But like any other subscription box, you pay a for them to deliver a monthly box to you. I decided to give it a try and here's my review.

Here is what they say about this box:
CANDY CLUB is the best place to have premier candies delivered to your door. You can enjoy our brand name candies yourself, share them with your family or send them to a friend.
Want to feel sweet all year round? We offer money-saving multi-month plans that save you cash while sweetening your stash. Every month, you’ll receive a new box of hand-picked candies and treats from our huge selection.
Candy Club wants to deliver fresh candy to your door, month after month. Each month, you’ll receive a selection of 2-3 lbs. of your favorite candies. Our thousands of candies could give you and your loved ones millions of smiles. And all you have to do is sit back and get ready to enjoy the sweet life.
In fact, the only choice you have to make is how many months you want to enjoy the sweet life. If you’re craving a short-term sweet tooth fix, then a one month supply could be the perfect treat. For long-term sweet satisfaction, our multi-month memberships can give you even more to enjoy.
We are the crusaders of candy; the sultans of sweet. The whole reason we’re here is to make your life a little easier—and a little sweeter at the same time. After all, what’s wrong with a little indulgence every now and then? Especially when you can share a smile with the people you love.
 There are several plans: $24.99/month OR $22.99/month for 6 months OR $19.99/month for 12 months. (You also pay for shipping). Currently there is a coupon code for $15 off your first box if you  use - 15offbox. Want to learn more? Visit for more details. Now, onto my personal review.

Whenever you first open it, this is what it looks like. It has the cards on top (that explain the candy and more about the company). Underneath are all the goodies! I'll admit, I was super excited about this box! Who doesn't love candy?!

I have learned that every month you get 3 jars of candy as well as a specialty candy. They also sprinkle the box itself with little candies. I thought the packaging was really sweet and you could smell the awesome candy goodness before even opening the box. I wanted to dig right in, but waited so I could snap a few pictures before ruining everything in my haste. 

First jar contains Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts (which are awesome!!!) the card says "Sour Power's exciting new flavor of Wild Cherry is sure to thrill your senses with lip-smacking tart cherry tang in every bite" and I couldn't agree more! It's sugary sweet on the outside with a bit of sour/tang on the inside. Reminds me of warheads but so much better!

The second jar contains Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans (which taste like your average jelly bean) the card says "Their mouth-watering Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans are made with Real Fruit Juice in 12 unique and irresistible sour flavors" and personally I can tell a difference. Although they basically taste like any other jelly bean, the consistency is a bit different. If you've eaten cheap jelly beans and then purchased the more expensive kind you know what I'm talking about. The flavors were yummy and I totally loved these.

The last jar contained Haribo Gummi Techno Bears and the card says "A new twist on classic gummi bears. With vibrant, shiny colors and fruity flavors of cherry, sour raspberry, and apple, these are sure to become a new favorite". Hmm. Well, gummy bears are my absolute favorite candy of all time. However, I am slightly picky when it comes to texture and chew-ability (is that a word? well, it is now). These were a bit too hard for my liking. It takes forever to chew it down. I'd have to say this was my least favorite candy in the box.

The specialty or "premier" candy of this month is Butterfields Peach Buds which is a hard candy that started back in the 20s. The card says "The delicious combination of fresh peach nectar and sublime coconut is a match made in paradise heaven" but to me sounds totally gross. Peach and coconut? I'm leery to try it, so for now they will just look pretty in this nifty packaging.

Last in the box are these candies sprinkled through out which are the Sweet's Salt Water Taffy and I must say, they are the best candy in the entire box! It's hard to describe the flavor, but it's dominate one is cotton candy but it has a hint of something else. I guess if you've ever gotten the blue cotton candy at the fair or somewhere, this is what it would taste like in a candy for - but so much better! I can't stop eating them! They are a bit hard, but they start melting in your mouth and become easier and easier to chew. I'm in love!

My overall opinion:
I think this is such a great idea for a subscription box! They have really invested time in everything from the adorable website to the adorable packaging. Did I love the candy inside? Yes! There was 1 that I particularly wasn't a big fan of and I still haven't tried the peach/coconut candy...but overall it's delicious! Do I feel it's $24.99 + shipping worthy? I'm on the fence. For a "candy" subscription price is sounds expensive, but then I went in search of how much this candy individually would cost.

Depending on the quantity (how many lbs) these candies range from $15-$25 by themselves. So I'd have to say, the box price is actually worth it. Now, if you aren't really into these more gourmet specialty type of candies then I'd skip it. From past boxes I've seen, they all seem to be more like the old time classics that would normally cost a pretty penny if you purchased them yourself (which I happen to LOVE). Basically you have to look at your budget and listen to your taste buds on whether or not this box is worth it. Personally, I am going to cancel my subscription because I do not have it in my budget. I really wanted to try it just once to get an opinion and down the road I might resubscribe.

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  1. I love the Candy Club box! I now have a wicked craving for salt water taffy!

  2. This looks so delicious! I never knew there were candy boxes!

  3. This looks like a fun subscription, especially for candy lovers. It would make a nice gift too! Who wouldn't love a box of candy every month :)

  4. I never knew about this! I would love to have this delivered every month!

  5. What a fun a literally sweet subscription box, so much you get in this box to! Ii always have a sweet tooth so this would be perfect for me, always love to have a jar of candy on my desk at home and at work.

  6. I didn't even know this exsisted, how cool!!!!


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